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Walk-in temperature & Humidity test chamber
Walk-in temperature & Humidity test chamber
Product name : Walk-in temperature & Humidity test chamber
Item : LH-WT series
Price :
Details :

Linghang can provide you Walk-In Temperature &Humidity Test Chamber that fits your exact needs and budget. Whether you’re testing Medical devices, Pharmaceuticals, automobiles, IT Equipment or any large item, our Walk-In Temperature &Humidity Test Chamber can give you a perfect solution. Capable of testing large components, our Walk-In Temperature & humidity test chambers are able to simulate a wide range of temperature and humidity environments.      
Our chambers are designed for long term reliability and easy, simple operation and maintenance. Walk-In chambers are able to provide temperatures ranging from -70°C to +85°C and 25% to 98% RH. If you need a Drive-in, Walk-in, Large Room Cooler or any type of large room high performance test chamber, Linghang can give you best solutions.      
Rapid design and installation capabilities
Temperature range of -70°C to +85°C
Excellent temperature uniformity.
Redundant / Mission critical design criteria 
Multiple cooling circuits
Multiple cooling techniques
Easy of Assembly: Assemble piece by piece on site, does NOT require large entry doors.       
Built-in reliability: All major sub-systems procured from world class manufacturers.       
Easy to use: Easy to use graphic interface for test environment setup, through programmable touch screen controller.


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