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Vacuum drying oven
Vacuum drying oven
Product name : Vacuum drying oven
Item : LH-OV-6000
Price :
Details :
Vacuum Drying Oven                
1.Cuboid chamber maximizes the effective cubage. Microprocessor controller for temperature ensures a precise and reliable control.           
2.Dual-layer bulletproof toughened glass door ensures absolutely clear observation on objects in chamber. 
3. Shutting extent of oven door is adjustable. Closed-cell silicon gasket ensures a high vacuum degree in oven. 
4.The chamber is made of stainless steel (or wire-drawing sheel), which allows a durable service.
5. Storage, heating, testing and drying are all in an environment without oxgen or filled with inert gases, which ensures no oxidation. 
6.Minimum heating tiem is over 50% less than that of traditional vacuum.

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