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Thermal shock test chamber, 2 Zone
Thermal shock test chamber, 2 Zone
Product name : Thermal shock test chamber, 2 Zone
Item : LH-TS2-125
Price :
Details :

Features for thermal shock test chamber:
1,Thermal shock test chamber - - Two-Zone is designed to provide two opposite extreme temperature environments for temperature cycling and thermal shock testing of electronic components and assemblies to military specifications.
2, Thermal shock testing is achieved by quickly and repeatedly transferring a specimen between a hot chamber and a cold chamber by means of an automatic carriage transport system. The hot chamber is on the left side and the cold chamber is on the right. The cold chamber can be used as a full range test chamber.
3,Touch screen programmable controller is produced in Korea, perfect performance and stable. Memory capacity is 120 patterns, 999 segments per pattern, and each seg. can be cyclied 999 times.
4,RS-232 communication interface, it can control / edit / record through computer.  
5,All processes are precisely controlled by PLC. If any part in machine is malfunction, the whole chamber will shut down and warning light will switch on. Chamber will shut down automatically in case of electrical power instabilities.

Functions for thermal shock test chamber:
Thermal Shock Test Chamber is used to test the capability of material structure or composite materials to withstand the continuous environmental changes between extremely high temperature and low temperature during a short time, and therefore understand the chemical changes or physical damages caused by expansion from heat and contraction from cold in the shortest possible time.
It is applicable to metals, plastic, rubber, auto parts, chemical materials, electronics and other materials. The test results can be used as a reference or basis for product improvement. 

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