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Bench-top Temperature Test Chamber
Bench-top Temperature Test Chamber
Product name : Bench-top Temperature Test Chamber
Item : LH-OV-050
Price :
Details :

Linghang can offer a complete range of Bench Top (Small Capacity) Temperature Chamber and Humidity test chamber that offer a good solution for the testing of small components, electronic components and assemblies, the storage of laboratory test samples and the testing of material samples. These bench top test chamber are supplied from our extensive range of standard equipment, and include performance ranges of -40°C to +150°C or -65°C to +150°C or -10°C to +100°C with 10% to 90%RH humidity.

Our Bench Top Temperature chamber and Humidity chamber are supplied with a microprocessor controlled fully programmable PID control system, which can be used either as single set point controller for long term stability tests or as Fully programmable controller for cyclic type testing. These bench top test chambers can be further enhanced by connecting the controller to a remote PC via the RS422/Ethernet communications port and using the manufactures software package for chamber control and data logging of the chamber test conditions. 

1, Compact design and small size, can put on bench directly
2, Ultra lower temperature for low temp. Test chamber:-65℃
3, High accuracy for temperature control, temp. fluctuation:±0.2℃
4, Programable temperature humidity controller
5, Complete safety devices

Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

           This temperature humidity test chamber is widely used to test various types of materials for their tolerances of heat and cold.It is applied for quality inspection for all types of electronic products, electric appliance, and products from communication ,instruction, automobile, plastic, metal, food,chemical,building materials, medical and aerospace industries.

          It able to simulate a wide range of temperature environments, that temperatures range from -70°C to +180°C. If you need different shape and other high performance test chamber, Handi can give you best solutions.

Temperatures range: -70°C to +180°C
Excellent temperature uniformity.
Built-in reliability: All major sub-systems procured from world class manufacturers.
Easy to use: Easy to use graphic interface for test environment setup, through programmable touch screen controller.


Temperature range

 Tyep B: -20 ~180   

Tyep C: -40 ~180

Tyep D: -60 ~180  

 Tyep E: -70 ~180    


Ramp rate


Temperature deviation


Temperature fluctuation


Humidity range

20%RH ~ 98%RH  Within temperature range:30100
5% ~ 10% special humidity range is possible for customs design.

Humidity deviation

±3RH ~ 5%RH

Running mode

Fix running or programmable running



Internal dimensions(W×D×H)

External dimensions(W×D×H)

Volume (L)



460×997×880 mm













Digital single-point controller made by Fuji, Japan.
Programmable touch screen controller produced in Korea for optional

External material

Color coated matel steel or SUS304 for optional

Test area material

Stainless steel SUS304

Cooling method

Air cooled or water cooled

Refrigeration compressor

France Tecumseh

Protection devices

Current leakage protection, Water shortage protector, Over-heat protector, Quick action fuse,
Compressor over-pressure protector


 Viewing window with heating devices 250X300(mm) 
Illumination lamp

Test hole:Φ 50mm 1pc, same size seal plug will be provided.

Sample shelves: 2pcs

Optional accessories

Communication interface, printer, recorder etc.

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