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Test chamber humidification dehumidification principle

Test chamber in order to achieve test conditions, inevitably to the chamber for humidification and dehumidification operation, the paper in the test chamber in the current use of various methods to analyze more, pointed out their advantages shortcomings and recommended conditions.

Humidity expressed in many ways, the test equipment, is usually described with the concept of relative humidity and humidity. Relative humidity is defined as the air temperature, water vapor partial pressure and the saturated water vapor pressure with the ratio expressed as a percentage. Known by the nature of water vapor saturation pressure, saturation vapor pressure is a function of temperature and water vapor and air in pressure has nothing to do, people and sort through a large number of experiments that sought to water vapor saturation pressure and temperature, the relationship between them has been engineering and measuring a large number of columns used in the formula should be Ge Fuge. It is currently preparing meteorological department used Humidity Table.

Humidification process is actually water vapor partial pressure is increased, the initial wetting way to spray water to the test chamber wall, by controlling the temperature of the surface of water saturation pressure under control. Box wall surface forming a large surface of water, the surface of the box in this way through the diffusion of water vapor pressure added to the box so that the chamber relative humidity increases, this approach appeared in the fifties of last century. At that time, the humidity control is mainly used mercury-type electric contact switch conductive form of simple volume adjustment, time delay for the hot water tank temperature control of adaptive poor control of the transition process so long, can not meet the alternating hot and humid Humidification capacity demands on the needs of larger, more importantly, on the tank wall at the time of spraying, inevitably there are water droplets on, pour the test sample test items of varying degrees of pollution. Meanwhile, inside the water also have certain requirementsThis method was quickly wet steam humidification and replaced by shallow dish. However, there are some advantages of this approach. Although the transition process to control its long, but the system less stable humidity fluctuations, more suitable for constant humidity test. In addition the process of water vapor in the wet heat does not increase, but the additional heat system. Also, when control of spray water temperature so that the points below the test requirements of temperature, water spray has a dehumidification effect.

As the damp heat test by constant heat to the development of alternating hot and humid, requires ability to respond faster wetting, spraying can not meet the requirements humidifier, steam humidifier and humidification method in shallow water dish in large quantities to be used and developed.