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Looking for Partner or Agents worldwide!

Hello, Everybody!

"LH Climate" is a factory specialized in manufacturing Environmental test equipment. Our products including
High low alternating temp. humidity test chamber, Thermal shock test chamber, Temperature & Humidity test chamber, High temperature test chamber, Constant climate Cabinet, Bench-top temperature & Humidity chamber, Walk-in type temperature & Humidity test chamber, Salt spray test chamber etc.


Now we are looking for business Partners worldwide, especially in South East Asia and Middle East, aiming to establish trade relations for further cooperation on selling, installation, calibration, maintaining of environmental test equipment. All the details along with price lists will be sent by e-mail. The cooperation conditions will be set based on mutual benefit.

Be pleased to contact me if you're interested in this kind of cooperation or you can help us with that.

Thank you.

Best regards
Ms. Maggie Wang

Sales Manager